Alfa Romeo Brera Fuse Box Diagram

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Fuse box near the battery

Alfa Romeo Brera Fuse Box Diagram

To gain access to the fuses, loosen the two fastening screws A and remove the protection cover B

Fused component No. A
Boot control unit
Instrument panel control unit
F01 70
Climate control system fan F02 40
Electric steering lock F03 20
Brake branch point (pump) F04 40
Brake branch point (solenoid valve) F05 40
Radiator fan (low speed) F06 40
Radiator fan (high speed) F07 50
Headlight washer F09 20
Horns F10 15
Electronic injection sundry secondary services F11 15
Right main beam headlight F14 10
Left main beam headlight F15 10
+ INT for electronic injection system F16 7.5
Electronic injection primary services F17 10
Engine control branch point F18 15
Climate control system compressor F19 7.5
Rear window heating F20 20
Fuel pump supply F21 20
Ignition coils/injectors (petrol versions) F22 15
Electronic injection primary services (diesel versions) F22 20
Sound system/Radio navigation system power F23 15
Front fog light F30 15

Fuse box on the dashboard

To gain access to the fuses in the fuse box on the dashboard, loosen the fastening screw A and remove the cover B

Fused component No. A
Right dipped beam headlight F12 15
Left dipped beam headlight F13 15
Body Computer branch point/Headlight washer relay coil F31 7.5
Driver's door branch point/passenger's door branch point/ignition device F32 15
Not used F33 -
Not used F34 -
Water in diesel fuel filter sensor/flow meter
Brake light switch/central console control panel
Cruise Control
Reversing light
AQS sensor
F35 7.5
Not used F36 -
Instrument panel branch point
Front headlight control unit/Power to control unit for gas-discnarge headights (Bixenon) (where provided)
Third brake light
F37 10
Boot locking/unlocking gearmotor
Front/rear ceiling light
EOBD system diagnostic socket
T.P.M.S. control unit
Mobile phone presetting
Alarm system control unit (for versions/markets, where provided)
Climate control system
F38 15
Heated rear window F40 30
Windscreen washer/rear window washer nozzle demister
Heated mirror demister
F41 7.5
Brake branch point power (ABS/VDC) - Steering angle branch point - Yawing sensor F42 7.5
Windscreen wiper/washer F43 30
Front cigar lighter on central console F44 10
Powered sun curtain control unit F46 20
Front ceiling light
Radio navigation system
Rain sensor control unit
Steering wheel branch point
Control buttons panel
Parking sensor branch point
Central console control lights
Front seat controls light
Windscreen services
Mobile phone presetting
F49 7.5
Air Bag system F50 7.5
Tyre pressure monitoring system control unit
Sound system presetting
F51 7.5
Rear window washer/wiper F52 15
Instrument panel branch point
Direction indicators
Hazard lights
F53 10

Fuse box on the battery positive pole

To gain access to the fuses in the fuse box on the battery positive pole press the retainers A and remove the protection cover B

Fused component No. A
Engine compartment control unit F70 150
Instrument panel control unit F71 70
Fuel pre-heating unit (diesel versions) F73 60

Fuse box in the boot (left-hand side)

To gain access to the fuses, remove the cover A as shown by the arrow

Fused component No. A
Sound system amplifier with DSP
HI-FI audio amplifier
F54 30
Front left seat movement control F56 25
Front loft scat warming F57 7.5
Free F58 -
Free F59 -
Front right seat movement control F60 25
Subwoofer amplifier F61 15
Free F62 -
Free F63 -
Free F64 -
Free F66 -
Front right seat warming F67 7.5
Free F68 -
Free F69 -
Free F77 -
Left power window F78 30
Free F79 -
Right power window F80 30

Fuse Box Layout Alfa Romeo Brera - 1.75 L TBi, 2.2 L JTS, 3.2 L JTS and Diesel 2.0 L JTDm & 2.4 L JTDm (2005, 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010)