2010-2016 Audi A6 (C7) Fuse Box Diagram

01.06.2016 (US:06.01.16), Category: Audi / A6

The fuses are located on front left and right of the cockpit and behind the trim on the right side of the luggage compartment.

2010-2016 Audi A6 (C7) Fuse Box Diagram

► Switch the ignition and all electrical equipment off.
► Check the following table to see which fuse belongs to the equipment.
► Remove the appropriate cover.
► Remove the fuse using the clamp.
► Replace the blown fuse only with an identical new one.
► Install the cover.

Do not repair fuses and never replace a blown fuse with one that has a higher amp rating. This can cause damage to the electrical system and a fire.

- The following table does not list fuse locations that are not used.
- Some of the equipment listed in the following tables applies only to certain model versions or certain optional equipment.

Driver side cockpit fuse assignment

Fuse panel A (black)

1 Electromechanical power steering, trailer hitch, ionizer, switch strip, seat heating (rear), electromechanical parking brake
2 Horn, climate control system, Gateway, automatic dimming interior rearview mirror
4 Parking aid, headlight range adjustment
5 Dynamic steering, Electronic Stabilization Control (ESC)
6 Headlights
7 Adaptive cruise control
8 Front passenger's seat sensors, airbag
9 Gateway
10 Engine sound, night vision assist, garage door opener (HomeLink), parking aid
11 Video camera image processing
12 Headlights
13 Steering column switch module
14 Terminal 15 (luggage compartment)
15 Terminal 15 (engine compartment)
16 Starter
Fuse panel B (brown)
1 Infotainment
2 Infotainment
3 Front passenger's seat
5 Airbag, Electronic Stabilization Control (ESC)
6 Anti-theft alarm system
7 Electromechanical parking brake
8 Interior lights
9 Windshield video camera heating, light/rain sensor
10 Lumbar support (driver's seat)
11 Driver's seat
12 Electronic stabilization control
13 Horn
14 Headlights
15 Front seat heating
16 Dynamic steering
Fuse panel C (red)
1 Clutch pedal
2 Fuel pump
3 Brake light sensor
4 AdBlue (diesel engine)/engine acoustics
5 Rear door
6 Front door
7 Electronic stabilization control
8 Windshield wiper motor
9 Headlight washer system
10 Interior lighting, climate control system
11 Headlights
12 Sunroof

Front passenger side cockpit fuse assignment

Fuse panel A (black)

1 Infotainment, CD changer
2 Infotainment (display)
Fuse panel B (brown)
1 Climate control system
2 Climate control system (blower)
3 Diagnostic interface
4 Electrical ignition lock
5 Electronic steering column lock
6 Steering column switch module
7 Power steering column adjustment
8 Light switch
9 Head-up display
10 Instrument cluster
11 Infotainment, DVD changer

Luggage compartment fuse assignment

Fuse panel A (black)
1 Trailer hitch/220 volt socket
2 Trailer hitch/climatized cup holder
3 Trailer hitch/adjusting front passenger's seat from the rear
4 Electromechanical parking brake
5 Electromechanical parking brake
6 Front door (front passenger's side)
7 Rear exterior lighting
8 Central locking, closing aid
9 Seat heating (front)
11 Seat heating (rear), climate control system
12 Trailer hitch
Fuse panel B (red)
1 Left safety belt tensioner
2 Right safety belt tensioner
3 AdBlue tank (diesel engine)/fuel pump
4 AdBlue tank (diesel engine)/engine mount (gasoline engine)
5 Sensor-controlled luggage compartment lid
6 Air suspension, adaptive dampers
7 Rear door (front passenger's side)
8 Tail lights
9 Luggage compartment lid
10 Rear seat entertainment
12 Rear spoiler (Sportback), tilt/open sunroof, Panorama glass roof
Fuse panel C (brown)
1 Infotainment
2 Infotainment
3 Infotainment, automatic dimming interior rearview mirror
5 TV tuner
6 Tank leak detection system
7 Sockets
8 Parking heater
10 Lumbar support (front passenger's seat)
12 Infotainment
Fuse panel D (black)
1 Air suspension, adaptive dampers, sport differential, electromechanical parking brake
2 Clutch pedal position sensor/automatic transmission
3 Seats
4 Rear wiper(Avant)
5 Side assist
6 Engine sound
7 Infotainment/sound amplifier
8 Gateway
9 Sport differential
10 Climate control system
11 Tire pressure monitoring system/parking heater
12 Start-Stop-System
Fuse panel E (black)
1 Special purpose vehicles/rear seats
Fuse panel F (black)
1 Rear window defogger

Fuse Box Layout Audi A6 C7 - 1.8 TFSI, 2.0 TFSI, 2.0 TDI, 2.5 FSI, 2.8 FSI, 3.0 TFSI  and 3.0 TDI (2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016)