Bobcat S185 Fuse Box Diagram

04.08.2017 (US:08.04.17), Category: Bobcat

Bobcat S185 Fuse Box Diagram

No. Protected Circuits A
1 Unswitched Horn 25
2 ACS/AWS/SJC Switched 5
3 Alternator & Accessories Back-up Alarm 25
4 Attachments 25
5 Heater & Air Conditioning 25
6 Front & Marker Lights 15
7 Rear Lights 15
8 Bobcat Controller 25
17 Traction 30
18 Fuel Shutoff 30
19 Power Plug 15
20 ACS/AWS/SJC Unswitched 25
9 Heater & Air Conditioning
10 Switch Power
11 Front & Marker Lights
12 Fuel Shutoff
13 Rear Lights
14 Traction
15 Glow Plugs
16 Starter

The  loader  has  a  12  volt,  negative  ground  alternator charging  system.  The  electrical  system  is  protected  by fuses  located  in  the  cab  on  the  steering  control  panel, and  a  100  ampere  master  fuse in  the engine compartment on the left side of the engine, under the  air  cleaner.  The  fuses  will  protect  the  electrical system when there is an electrical overload. The reason for the overload must be found before starting the engine again.

The electrical system is protec ted from overload by fuses and   relays   under   the   fuse   panel   cover   (Item   1). A decal is inside the cover to show location and amperage ratings.
Remove the cover to check or replace the fuses.

Fuse Panel Diagram Bobcat S185