1988-1993 Chrysler Imperial, New Yorker & Dodge Dynasty

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Passenger Compartment Fuse Box

Chrysler Imperial, New Yorker & Dodge Dynasty Fuses Panel Diagram

No. A Circuits Protected
1 20 Imperial: Beam Selection Switch / Optical Horn and Headlights Dimmer Switch
20 New Yorker & Dynasty: Concealed Headlight Module ('88-'89), Passing Light ('92-'93), Turn Signal ('90-'91 New Yorker & '91 Dynasty), Optical Horn ('90 Dynasty)
2 20 '90-'93: Stop Light Feed, Air Suspension System, Vanity & Key Cylinder Lights, Radio/Clock Memory
20 '88-'89: Door Courtesy, Overhead, "C" Pillar Reading, Trunk, Vanity & Key Cylinder Lights, Glove Box, Radio & Clock Memory, Deck Lid Pull Down, Body Computer & Electronic Cluster Memory ('89)
3 10 Right Low Beam Headlight, Light Outage Module, Electronic Vehicle Information Center (EVIC) Diagnosis Connector, Daytime Running Lights
4 10 Left Low Beam Headlight, Light Outage Module, Daytime Running Lights
5 4 Headlight Switch Illumination, Cluster Illumination, Radio, Rear Defogger Switch Light, Radio Illumination, A/C & ATC Control Illumination, PRNDL Illumination, Ashtray Illumination, Incandescent Message Center, Traveler ('92-'93)
6 2 '90-'93: Cruise Control
20 '88-'89: High Beam, Optical Horn
7 20 Sunroof Switch, Air Suspension Control Module, Auto Load Leveling System
8 5 Body Computer (Analog Cluster), Cruise Control, Incandescent Message Center, Mechanical, Instrument Cluster, Speed Control, Security Alarm Module, AirBag System, Trip Computer, Keyless Entry Module ('92-'93), Auto Power Door Lock Relay ('88-'89), Mechanical & Electronic Clusters, Security Alarm ('89-'93)
9 10 '90-'93: Cornering Lights Switch, Auto Day/Night Mirror, Auto Temp Control, Rear Window Defogger Switch, AirBag System Control Module, In Car Sensor Motor
30 '88-'89 (Circuit Breaker): Power Windows
10 30 Blower Motor
11 20 '88-'89: Back-Up Lights, Radiator Fan Relay, Cornering Lights, ATC Control, Rear Defogger Switch
10 '90-'91: Back-Up Light Relay (3.0L, 3.3L), Radiator Fan Relay, A/C Clutch Cycling Switch (2.5L), Neutral Safety/Back-Up Light Switch (2.5L)
15 '91-'93: Back-Up Light Relay, Daytime Running Lights, Fan Control Relay, Powertrain Control Module (2.5L), A/C Clutch Cycling Switch (2.5L), Neutral Safety/Back-Up Light Switch (2.5L)
20 '88-'89: Hazard Flasher
12 20 '90-'91: Door Courtesy, Overhead "C" Pillar Reading, Glove Box, Vanity & Key Lights, Radio/Clock Memory, Body Controller, Electronic Cluster Memory, Vanity Mirrors ('93), Underhood Light ('93)
15 '91-'93: Overhead "C" Pillar Reading, Glove Box, Vanity & Key Lights, Radio/Clock Memory, Electronic Cluster Memory, Vanity Mirrors, Underhood Light, Courtesy Lights, RKE, Radio, Glove Box Module, Body Control Module (BCM) 
13 20 '90-'91: Horns, Horn Relay, Cigarette Lighter, Electric Deck Lid Release, Power Antenna, Name Brand Speakers, Security Alarm Module, Light, Deck Lid Pull-Down, AirBag System, EVIC or Trip Computer Diagnosis Connector, Power Door Locks, Memory Seat Module, Headlight Delay Relay, Power Mirrors
15 '92-'93: Courtesy Lights, RKE, Radio, Glove Box Module, Electronic Cluster, Body Control Module (BCM) 
14 20 Park Lights Relay, Park & Taillights, Side Marker & License Lights, Radio Light, Headlight Switch, Security Alarm Module, Electronic Cluster ('88-'89)
15 30 '88-'89 (Circuit Breaker): Power Door Locks, Mirrors & Seats, Load Leveler, Concealed Headlight Doors ('89)
30 '90-'93: Air Suspension-Load Leveling, Air Suspension Relay
20 '92-'93: Horn Relay, Power Antenna Relay, Security Alarm Module, Security Lamp, Cellular Phone, Deck Pulldown Unit, Door Lock Switch, Power Seat Switch, Power Window Switch, Seat Memory Select Switch, Cigar Lighter, Deck Lid Release Switch, AirBag Control Module
16 20 '88-'90: Stoplights & Center High-Mounted Stoplights ('88-'89), Body Computer, Electronic Cluster Pull-Up, Electronic Cluster Memory, Door Courtesy ('90), Overhead, "C" Pillar Reading ('90), Vanity, Glove Box & Key Lights ('90)
20 '90-'91: Door Courtesy Lights, Radio, Electronic Clusters, Engine Compartment Light, Body Computer, Overhead Lights, "C" Pillar Lights, Glove Box Lights, Vanity & Key Lights
15 '91-'93: Rear Speaker Amplifier, Door Courtesy, Overhead, "C" Pillar Reading, Vanity, Glove Box & Key Lights, Electronic Cluster Memory, Radio Amplifier
17 10 Heated Mirrors
18 20 Windshield Wipers, Body Computer, Security Alarm Module
19 20 Turn Signal Flasher
20 10 '90-'91: Radio & Power Antenna, Name Brand Speakers Relay
10 '92-'93: Radio, Cellular Phone

Engine Compartment Fuse Box

Chrysler Imperial, New Yorker & Dodge Dynasty Fuses Box Diagram

No. A Circuits Protected
A 30 ABS System Relay
B 30 Bendix: ABS Pump Motor Relay
40 Bosch: Overvoltage Protection Relay
30 '92-'93: ABS System
C 50 Headlight Switch, Circuit Breaker No.: "2" (Headlight Open Relay, Power Seats, Power Door Locks), Fuse No.: "1", "2"
D 30 '90-'91: Radiator Fan Relay
30 '92-'93: Fan Control Relay, A/C Compressor Clutch Relay
E 40 Ignition Switch, Starter Relay
F 50 '90-'91: CB 16 (Park Lights)
50 '92-'93: (Park Lights) Fuse No.: "14", "15", "16"
G 40 '90-'91: Rear Window Defogger Switch, Fuse No.: "16"
40 '92-'93: Transmission Control Module, Fuse No.: "1 (Engine Compartment)", Fuse No.: "12", "13"
H 50 Ignition Switch (Blower Motor, Power Window)
J 30 Auto Shutdown Relay (Fuel Pump), Single Board Engine Controller (SBEC) Pin No.3 (+) / Powertrain Control Module (PCM), Electronic Transmission Control Module (ETC) Safety Shutdown Relay, Fuel Pump Relay
K -  -
1 10 '90-'91: Ignition Switch (Run) (Diagnostic Connector, Purge Solenoid, Electronic Vehicle Information Center (EVIC), Alternator (2.5L) EGR Solenoid (2.5L California))
25 '92-'93: Rear Window Defogger Switch
2 20 Hazard Flasher feed
R1 Headlamp Open
R2 A/C Clutch 
R3 Auto Shutdown 
R4 Healamp Closed
R5 Back-Up Lamp
R6 Safety Shutdown
R7 ABS Pump 
R8 Starter
Bendix: Yellow LT
R9 Bendix: ABS System
Fuel Pump
R10 Radiator Fan

Relay Module ('90-'93)

Chrysler Imperial, New Yorker & Dodge Dynasty Relay Location

No. A Circuits Protected
CB1 30 Power Windows
CB2 - Headlight Open Relay, Power Seats, Power Door Locks, Air Suspension Relay ('92-'93), Load Level Relay('92-'93), Compressor Assembly('92-'93)
R1 Horn
R2 Hazard Flasher
R3 Turn Signal Flasher

Relay Location

  1. '90-'93: Headlight Delay Relay, Power Antenna Amplifier Relay, Door Lock Relay, Door Unlock Relay
  2. Anti-Lock Brake (ABS) Pump & Motor Relay
  3. 3.0L, 3.3L: Starter Relay
  4. '88-'89: Power Door Lock Relay (21), Power Antenna Relay (22)
  5. '88-'89 (2.5 L): Fusible Links, Starter Relay, Cooling Fan Relay, Fuel Pump Relay
  6. '88-'89 (3.0 L): Fusible Links, Starter Relay, Cooling Fan Relay, Fuel Pump Relay
  7. '88-'89: A/C Clutch Cut-Out Relay, Anti-Lock Brake Relay
  8. '88-'89: Fan Relay, Starter Relay, A/C Clutch Cut-Out Relay, Auto Shutdown (ASD) Relay
  9. '88-'89: A/C Clutch Cut-Out Relay
  10. '88-'89: Auto Level Compressor Relay
  11. '88-'89: Power Antenna & Amplifier Relay, Power Door Lock Relay, Horn Relay, Hazard Flasher Relay, Turn Signal Flasher Relay

Fuse Link

  • Alternator (12 Ga - Black)

Fuse Link ('88-'89)

  • ORG (PNK-WHT) - Fuse No.: "12"
  • ORG (GRY) - Radiator Fan Relay
  • BLK (BLK) - Alternator
  • GRY (RED) - Fuse Block
  • ORG (RED) - Ignition Switch, Fuse Link: WHT (RED) - Auto Shutdown Relay, Engine Control Module (2.5L), ETC Safety Shutdown Relay (3.0L)
  • GRY (PNK) - Ignition Switch
  • BLK (BLK-LT GRN) - Starter Relay, Fuse Link: GRY (RED-LT GRN, RED-WHT) - ABS
  • ORG (BLK-RED) - Rear Window Defogger Switch, Engine Compartment Light, Fuse No.: "2"

Fuse Panel Diagram Dodge Dynasty, Chrysler New Yorker and Chrysler Imperial - 2.5 L K, 3.0L 6G72, 3.3L EGA and 3.8L EGH (1988, 1989, 1990, 1991, 1992, 1993)