1982-1989 Chrysler LeBaron, Dodge 400

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Fuse Box

1982-1989 Chrysler LeBaron, Dodge 400 Fuse Panel Diagram

Fuses Specifications
No. A Description
1 20 Hazard Flasher
2 5 '82-'83: Speed Control, Defogger Relay, Door Ajar Indicator, Low Washer Fluid Indicator, Low Fuel Indicator, Cornering, Trunk and Tailgate Ajar Lights
20 '83-'89: Back-Up Lights, Cornering Lights, Trip Navigator, Fan Relay Coil, A/C Fan & Clutch Relay Coil, Overhead Console, ATC Control, Transmission Pressure Switch, Convertible Top Relay Coil, Air Bag Module, Rear Window Defroster, Auto. Load Leveling
3 30 Circuit Breaker: Power Window Motors, Convertible Power Top
4 25 Heater Blower Motor
30 A/C Blower Motor, Heater Blower, ATC Power Module
5 20 '82-'83: Park & Taillights, License & Side Marker Lights, Clock, Instrument Cluster and Radio Lights
20 '83-'89: Park & Taillights, License & Side Marker Lights, Display Intensity, Cavity 12, Rear A/C Unit Light, Taillight Outage
6 20 '82-'83: Stop, Dome, Map, Trunk, Cargo, Vanity and Ignition Switch Lights, Time Delay Relay and Door Courtesy Lights
20 '83-'89: Stoplights & Stoplight Outage, Illuminated Entry, Dome & Map Light, Trunk/Cargo & Underhood Lights, Ignition Switch Time Delay Relay, Power Mirrors, Vanity Mirrors, Overhead & Rear Consoles, Chimes
7 20 '82-'83: Glove Box Light, Horns, Horn Relay, Cigar Lighter, Clock, Radio Memory, Liftgate Ajar Warning, Key In/headlamp On Warning
20 '83-'89: Horn, Horn Relay, Cigarette Lighter, Glove Box & Key In Lights, Radio & Clock Memory, Navigator/Traveler, Electronic Cluster, Power Antenna, Air Bag Module, Electronic Chime, Speaker Amplifier, Voice Alert, Door Open Light, Trip Computer, Clock
8 30 Circuit Breaker: Power Seat Motors, Power Door Lock Motors, Horns & Horn Relay ('89), Concealed Headlight Motors ('88)
9 20 '82-'83: Right Spotlight (Fleet Vehicles Only)
5 '83-'84: Radio & Clock Display, Pre-Speaker Electronics Relay Sense, Trip Computer
10 '85-'89: Radio & Clock Power
10 20 '82-'83: Left Spotlight (Fleet Vehicles Only)
20 '83-'89: Turn Signal Lights, Heated Rear Window Relay, Console Bin Light, A/C Clutch, Idle-Up (2.2L with A/C), A/C Fan Relay Coil, Premium Speakers, Illuminated Entry, Convertible Top Relay
11 5 '82-'83: Brake Warning, Seat Belt Warning And Low Fuel Sensor, Engine Warning And Electronic Voltage Lights, Fuel Gauge, Voltage Limiter, Voltmeter, Temperature and Oil Gauge
20 '83-'89: Front Windshield Wipers & Washers, Intermittent Wiper Module
12 20 '82-'83: Air Conditioning Radiator Fan Motor
4 '83-'89: Cluster, A/C & Heater Control, Heated Rear Window, Ashtray, Console Radio, Navigator/Traveler, Rear Heater Switch, Rear A/C Light, Trip Computer Switch, Clock & Radio Display Dimming, Message Center Illumination
13 3 '82-'83: Cluster, Air Conditioning and Heater Lights, Console Gear Light, Defogger, Rear Wiper/washer, Radio Lights and Clock Display Dimming
5 Fuel Gauge, "BRAKE" Warning Light, "CHECK ENGINE" Warning & Seat Belt, Voltage & Message Center Warnings, Seat Belt Chimes, Speed Control, Temperature Gauge, Temperature Lights, Illuminated Entry, Air Bag Module, Cluster Printed Circuit Board Gauges, Voice Alert, Fuel Pacer, "CHECK ENGINE" Lights
14 6 Circuit Breaker ('82-'88): Electric Deck Lid Release, Rear Washer/Wiper & Liftgate Solenoid Relay
20 '89: Beam Indicator, Concealed Headlight Module, Rear Washer/Wiper & Liftgate Relay
15 5 '82-'83: Radio, Clock Display and Speaker Relay Sense
20 '84: Heated Rear Window Sensor
20 '88: Dome & Map Light, Trunk/Cargo Light, Ignition Switch Key Light Time Delay, Power Mirrors, Load Leveling Solenoid, Illuminated Entry
10 '89: Heated Mirrors
16 20 '82-'83: Back-Up and Turn Signal Lights, Air Conditioning Clutch and Idle Stop Solenoid, Air Conditioning Fan Relay Coil
20 '84: EFI Fuel Pump Motors, Injectors & Ignition Coil
20 '88: Right & Left Spotlight
25 '89: Concealed Headlight Motors
R1 Turn Signal Flasher
R2 Ignition Time Delay
R3 Horn

Relay Location

Location and description of fuses and relay Chrysler LeBaron, LeBaron Town & Country and Dodge 400 (Coupe, Sedan, Convertible, Station Wagon; 1982, 1983, 1984, 1985, 1986, 1987, 1988, 1989)