2007-2017 Fiat Strada 4 Fuse Box Diagram

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Passenger compartment fuse box

2007-2017 Fiat Strada 4 Fuse Box Diagram

No. A Protected Circuit
F12 15 Right dipped headlight
F13 15 Left dipped headlight, headlight alignment corrector
F31 7,5 Supply for reversing light, relay switch coils on engine compartment fuse box, manual climate control system
F32 15 +30 exterior lighting control supply
F35 10 Brake light switch supply (NC signal)
F37 10 Brake lights, instrument panel node
F38 20 Central locking
F39 15 +30 supply for roof light, glove compartment light, radio
F42 7.S ABS control unit
F43 30 Windscreen wiper, two-way pump
F44 20 Power socket - cigar lighter
F47 30 Front left electric window
F48 30 Front right electric window
F49 7,5 +15 services supply for radio, electric mirrors, central and side control panel lighting, electric mirror control lighting
F50 7,5 Airbag system
F51 7,5 + supply for number plate lights, heater control lighting, power socket - cigar lighter lighting, radio lighting
F53 10 Direction indicators, hazard warning lights, instrument panel node

Engine compartment fuse box

No. A Protected Circuit
F00 60 Plug preheating
F01 70 Dashboard fuse box - basic
F02 40 Dashboard fuse box - optional
F03 20 Ignition switch
F04 50 Anti-slip system
F06 30
Single speed - Radiator fan first speed
F07 40
Single speed - Radiator fan second speed
F08 40 Climate control fan
F10 15 Horn
F11 15 Speedometer generator, canister solenoid valve, preheating control unit, secondary loads, engine management system
F14 10 Right main beam headlight
F15 10 Left main beam headlight
F16 7,5 Engine management control unit, engine management system relay switch, engine cooling system remote control switch
F17 10 Engine management control unit (supply), diesel pump solenoid valve unit
F18 7.5 Engine management control unit
F19 7,5 Climate control compressor
F20 20 Heated filter
F21 15 Fuel pump, cut-off system
F23 15 Additional headlights
F24 10 Ignition-operated +15 positive pole
F30 15 Fog lights

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Fuse Box Layout Fiat Strada 4 - 1.3 Multijet, 1.4L and 1.8L (2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017)