1994-1997 Ford Aspire Fuse Box Diagram

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Your Aspire has a main fuse block under the hood and a regular fuse box mounted in the instrument panel behind a cover.

Main fuse block

If the 80 Amp. fuse is blown, it must be replaced. To remove the main fuse block and replace the fuse:

1994-1997 Ford Aspire Fuse Box Diagram

1. Disconnect the negative battery cable.
2. Remove the nuts on either end.
3. Lift the fuse block and open the flaps on the side of the fuse block.
4. Remove the bolts on either side of the block.
5. Replace the fuse with a new one of the same rating.

To install the fuse block:
1. Place the fuse block cover back in position and fasten the bolts on both sides.
2. Attach the nuts on both ends of the fuse block.
3. Connect the negative battery cable.

Fuse Name
Protected Component
2 60 ABS  
3 80 MAIN Air bag diagnostic monitor,
Anti-lock Brake System control unit,
Anti-lock Brake System relay,
Audio system,
Backup lamp,
Brake system unit,
Blower motor relay,
Cargo lamp,
Central processing unit,
Cigarette lighter,
Cooling fan relay,
Daytime Running Lamps relay,
Flasher unit,
Front side marker lamp,
Front wiper and washer,
Hazard lamp,
Ignition coil,
Illumination (A/С switch, Panel, Rear defroster switch, upshift indicator),
Instrument cluster warning lights (air bag readiness, anti-lock brake system, brake system, charging, check engine, fuel, oil pressure, rear defroster, safety belt, tachometer),
Interior lamp,
License plate lamp,
Powertrain control module,
Rear defroster,
Rear defroster relay,
Rear wiper and washer,
Tail lamp,
Tail lamp relay,
Turn signal lamp,
Stop lamp
4 30 EGI INJ Air bag diagnostic monitor,
Powertrain Control Module
5 30 HEAD Headlamps

Fuse panel in the instrument panel

Fuse Name Protected Component
1 10 ENGINE Air bag system,
Anti-lock Brake System,
Anti-lock Brake System relay,
Blower motor relay,
Cooling fan relay,
Ignition main relay
2 15 METER Back-up lamps,
Central processing unit,
Flasher unit,
Instrument cluster warning lights (Air bag readiness, anti-lock brake, brake system, charging, check engine, oil pressure, safety belt, rear defroster, upshift),
Instrument cluster gauges (fuel, shift-lock actuator, tachometer, turn signal indicator),
Turn signals lamps,
Rear defroster relay
3 20 DEFOG Rear window defroster
4 20 - Spare fuse
5 15 - Spare fuse
6 - - -
7 15 F. FOG Front fog lamps
8 - - -
9 - - -
10 20 WIPER A/С switch,
A/С relay,
Condenser fan motor,
Front windshield wipers and washer
11 15 R. WIPER Blower motor unit,
Daytime Running Lamps system,
Rear windshield wiper and washer
12 30 BLOWER Climate control blower motor
13 15 HAZARD Hazard warning flashers
14 15 STOP Anti-lock Brake System unit,
Cargo lamp,
15 15 TAIL Front side marker lamps,
Instrument panel illumination,
License plate lamps,
Parking lamps,
Tail lamps,
Turn signal lamp
16 15 CIGAR Audio system,
Cigarette lighter
17 - - -
18 - - -
19 10 ROOM Audio system,
Back-up lamps,
Central processing unit,
Interior courtesy lamp Powertrain control module

Circuit Breaker

The climate control systems require high amperage. If the rated amperage is exceeded, a protective circuit breaker will open.
If the circuit is broken by the circuit breaker, turn all heater and air-conditioner switches off and restore the circuit by pushing the reset button located in the interior fuse panel.

Fuse Box Diagram Ford Aspire (1994, 1995, 1996, 1997)