2017-2018 Kia Cadenza IG Fuse Box Diagram

21.10.2019 (US:10.21.19), Category: Kia / Cadenza

Instrument panel fuse panel

2017-2018 Kia Cadenza IG Fuse Box Diagram

No. A Circuit Protected
F1 10 Driver Door Module, Passenger Door Module
F2 10 MTS E-Call Module
F3 10 Stop Lamp Switch, BCM, Sports Mode Switch
F4 10 Console Switch, Blind Spot Detection Radar LH/RH, BCM, Smart Cruise Control Unit Crash Pad Switch, Fuel Filler & Trunk Open Switch, Lane Departure Warning Unit
F5 25 E/R Junction Block (Fuse F36, F41, F42)
F6 7.5 MDPS Unit
F7 10 A/C Switch, A/C Control Module, Electro Chromic Mirror, Head Lamp LH/RH, Auto Head Lamp Leveling Device Module,Front Seat Warmer Control Module, Front Air Ventilation Seat Control Module, Rear Seat Warmer Control Module, A/V & Navigation Head Unit, MTS E-Call Module, Driver IMS Module, ATM Shift Lever Indicator, Multipurpose Check Connector
F8 10 Instrument Cluster, Head-Up Display
F9 15 SRS Control Module
F10 20 IGPM (Fuse F32), Audio, A/V & Navigation Head Unit
F11 7.5 A/C Switch, Instrument Cluster
F12 10 Smart Key Control Module, Immobilizer Module
F13 10 Spare
F14 7.5 A/C Switch, A/C Control Module, Ionizer, E/R Junction Block(RLY.I)
F15 10 Head-Up Display, Instrument Cluster, Wireless Charger Unit, Analog Clock, BCM, Rain Sensor, Driver Door Module, Power Trunk Module, Passenger Door Module, A/C Switch, A/C Control Module, Security Indicator
F16 15 Driver Door Module
F17 10 Passenger Door Module
F18 7.5 Transaxle Range Switch, ECM/PCM
F19 15 BCM
F20 7.5 Surround View Unit, Rear Seat Warmer Control Module, Front Seat Warmer Control Module, Front Air Ventilation Seat Control Module
F21 15 Multifunction Switch
F22 10 Glove Box Lamp, Passenger Foot Lamp, Driver Foot Lamp, Trunk Room Lamp, Front Vanity Lamp Switch LH/RH, Overhead Console Lamp, Room Lamp, Rear Personal Lamp LH/RH
F23 20 Door Lock/Unlock Relay
F24 25 Front Seat Warmer Control Module, Front Air Ventilation Seat Control Module
F25 10 Start/Stop Button Switch
F26 10 Stop Lamp Switch, Immobilizer Module, Smart Key Control Module
F27 - -
F28 30 AMP
F29 25 Passenger Safety Power Window Module, Rear Power Window Switch RH
F30 20 Sunroof Control Unit (Glass)
F31 10 Trunk Relay, Fuel Filler & Trunk Open Switch, E/R Junction Block(RLY.H)
F32 10 Front Monitor
F33 30 Power Trunk Module
F34 25 Rear Seat Warmer Control Module
F35 10 Spare
F36 25 Rear Power Window Switch LH, Driver Safety Power Window Module
F37 30 Passenger Seat Manual Switch
F38 20 Sunroof Control Unit (Roller)
F39 15 Not Used
F40 10 Burglar Alarm Horn Relay
F41 15 Smart Key Control Module
F42 7.5 Data Link Connector, Hazard Switch, Console Switch
F43 30 Driver Seat Manual Switch, Driver IMS Module
F44 20 Front Power Outlet
F45 10 Rear Seat Console Switch, AMP, Surround View Unit, BCM, MTS E-Call Module, A/C Control Module, Analog Clock, Wireless Charger Unit, A/C Switch, Smart Key Control Module, Audio, Front Monitor, AA/ & Navigation Head Unit, E/R Junction Block(RLY.5)
F46 10 Spare
F47 7.5 BCM, Smart Key Control Module

Engine compartment fuse box

No. A Circuit Protected
F2 60 IGPM (Fuse F28, IPS1, IPS3, IPS5, IPS8)
F4 50 E/R Junction Block (RLY.1)
F5 50 IGPM (Fuse F42, IPS2, IPS4, IPS6, IPS7)
F6 50 E/R Junction Block (RLY.12)
F7 40 ESP Control Module
F9 40 Not Used
F10 30 W/O Smart Key: E/R Junction Block (RLY.6), Ignition Switch
With Smart Key: E/R Junction Block (RLY.6), PCB Block, (IG2 Relay)
F12 80 PCB BLOCK (Fuse F39,F38, F47, F52, Engine Relay)
F13 60 IGPM (Fuse F29, F30, F31, F33, F34, F36, F37, F38, F40, F43)
F14 60 E/R Junction Block (RLY.2, RLY.3)
F16 50 IGPM (Fuse F23, F24, F25, F26, F41, Leak Current Autocut Relay)
F19 40 W/O Smart Key: Ignition Switch
With Smart Key: PCB Block, (IG1, ACC Relay)
F20 30 ESP Control Module, Multipurpose Check Connector
F22 30 E/R Junction Block (RLY.8)
F23 40 Not Used
F24 15 TCM
F25 10 Smart Cruise Control Unit
F26 10 Battery Sensor
F27 20 E/R Junction Block (RLY.9)
F28 10 E/R Junction Block (RLY.7)
F29 20 Not Used
F30 20 Not Used
F31 10 A/C Control Module
F32 10 BCM
F33 10 A/C Switch, Driver/Passenger Power Outside Mirror
RLY.01 Blower Relay
RLY.02 Cooling Fan1 Relay
RLY.03 Cooling Fan2 Relay
RLY.04 E-Cvvt Relay
RLY.05 Power Outlet Relay
RLY.06 Start Relay
RLY.07 B.UP Relay
RLY.08 H/LAMP Washer Relay
RLY.09 Front Deicer Relay
RLY.11 Fuel Filler Relay
RLY.12 Rear Heated Relay

PCB Block (engine compartment fuse box)

No. A Circuit Protected
F36 10 ECM
F37 20 Front Power Outlet & Cigarette Lighter
F38 20 PCB Block (Horn Relay)
F39 30 PCB Block (Wiper Power Relay)
F41 15 TCM, Transaxle Range Switch
F42 10 ESP Control Module
F43 20 Rear Power Outlet
F44 10 Electro Chromic Mirror, Front Monitor, Audio, Rear Combination Lamp (IN) LH/RH, MTS E-Call Module
F45 15 Oxygen Sensor #1~#4
F46 20 Ignition Coil #1~#6
F47 10 ECM
F52 20 PCB Block (Fuel Pump Relay)
F53 20 ECM
F54 15 Not Used
F55 10 Variable Intake Solenoid Valve #1, #2, Electronic Thermostat, Purge Control Solenoid Valve, Oil Pressure Solenoid Valve, Oil Control Valve #1~#4, E/R Junction Block (RLY.2, RLY.3), PCB Block (Fuel Pump Relay)

Main fuse

Fuse Box Layout Kia Cadenza 2.2L, 2.4L, 3.0L and 3.3L (IG; 2017-present)