Komatsu PC14R-2 Fuse Box Diagram

19.10.2019 (US:10.19.19), Category: Komatsu

Komatsu PC14R-2 Fuse Box Diagram
When changing a fuse, make sure that the ignition key is in position OFF.

No. A Protected Circuit
1 10 Radio power supply
2 30 Engine stop solenoid valve power supply, engine stop timer, safety relay, alternator excitation
3 10 Fuel pump, work light
4 20 High-low speed switch, PPC solenoid valve, display power supply
5 15 Horn
6 15 Windshield wiper, overhead light, heating (for machine with cab)
7 10 Optional equipment
8 10 Revolving light
9 - Free
10 - Free
11 - Free

Main Fuse

If  the  starter  does  not  run  when  the  ignition  switch  is  turned  to position ON, the fuse (1) may have blown. Open the cover on the left  side  of  the  machine  to  check  the  fuse  and   change  it  if necessary. The main fuse is positioned on the battery.

Fuse Panel Diagram excavator Komatsu PC14R-2