1982-1993 Mercedes-Benz 190 (W201)

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Fuse Block

1982-1993 Mercedes-Benz 190 (W201) Fuse Box Diagram

Fuses Specifications
No. A Description
1 81)
Auxiliary Fan/Coolant Fan Tempmatic Climate Control
2 8 Carburetor
Auxiliary Fan/Coolant Fan Tempmatic Climate Control
3 16 Auxiliary Fan/Coolant Fan
4 8 Right high beam, high beam witness
5 8 Left high beam
6 16 Combined relay, Rear Defogger
7 16 Electric window motor rear right, front left
8 16 Electric window motor rear left, front right
9 8 Anti-Lock Brake System, Backup Lamps, Center Console, Cruise Control Gauges, Stop Lamps, Warning Indicators (fuel reserve light, brakepads wear light, brake liquid level light, handbrake), Electromagnetic Automatic Box Valve
10 84)
Anti-Theft Alarm System, Auxiliary Fan/Coolant Fan, Fan - Magnetic coupling, Cruise Control, Electronic Engine Control, Heated Seats, Orthopedic Seats, Outside Heated Mirrors, Right Outside Mirror, Tachometer, Wiper/Washer, Al Heated Windshield Sprinkler, Outside Temperature Gauge, Relay For Idle Stop
11 8 Horn, Tempmatic Climate Control, Turn Signal Lamps, Warning System
12 8 Back interior lights, antenna Anti-Theft Alarm System, Central Locking System courtesy Lamps, Rear Reading Lamp, Power Seats
13 8 Rpm-meter, Automatic Antenna, Clock, Courtesy Lamps, Hazard Lamps, Radio/CD Player, Trunk Lamp, Warning System
14 8 Illumination: Instrument Cluster/Center Console, Headlamp Wiper/Washer, Lamps Park/Tail/Side, Marker (Right Side)/License/Shift Pattern, Warning System
15 8 Lamps: Park/Tail/Side, Marker (Left Side)/ License/ Shift Pattern
16 8 Fog Lamps
17 8 Headlamps (Right Low Beam)
18 8 Headlamps (Left Low Beam)
19 16 Cigar Lighter, Glove Box Lamp, Radio, Rear Defogfler, Sliding Roof (sunroof)
20 16 Headlamps, Headlamp Wiper/Washer, Wiper/Washer
R1 Combination Relay (Rear Defogger, Timer, Wiper/Washer, Hazard/Turn Signal Flasher)
R2 Power Window Relay
R3 Auxiliary Fan Relay
R4 OVP Relay
1) As of model year 1990
2) Model years 1984 to 1988
3) Model years 1987 to 1989
4) Without Heated Seats
5) With Heated Seats

Auxiliary Relay Box

21982-1993 Mercedes-Benz 190 (W201) Relay Location
Fuses Specifications
No. A Description
1 25 From Power Seat Switches: From Height, Forward-Backward
2 25 Front Power Seat Switches: Rear Height, Backrest Control Unit
A Power Seat Relay
Auxiliary Fan High Sped Relay
B Auxiliary Fuse Holder (Power Seat)
C Auxiliary Fan Relay (201.028/.034)
Relay For Dual Auxiliary Fan (201.025)
Power Seat Relay
Auxiliary Fan High Sped Relay
D Headlamp Washer Relay
Anti-Theft Fuse Holder
Power Seat Relay
E Intake Manifold Pre-heater (190E 2.3)
F14 Ant-Theft Alarm (ATA)

Auxiliary Fuse Holder

Fuses Specifications
A Description
8 Cellular Telephone (TRU)
16 Heated Seals
25 Tempmatic Blower Switch

Mercedes-Benz 190, 190 E and 190 D with engine M102 (1,8L, 2.0L, 2.3L, 2.5L), M103 (2.6L, 3.2L) and diesel OM601 (2.0L, 2.2L), OM602 (2.5L)  (W201; 1982, 1983, 1984, 1985, 1986, 1987, 1988, 1989, 1990, 1991, 1992, 1993)