1996–2003 Renault Scenic

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Fuse box on the dashboard

1996–2003 Renault Scenic - Location of the Fuse Box
1996–2003 Renault Scenic - Label of the Fuse Block
1996–2003 Renault Scenic - Diagram of the Fuse Box

Fuses Specifications
No. A Description
F1 25 Rear left electric window riser
F2 5 Central door locking switch (Mexico)
F3 25 Rear right electric window riser
F4 15 Electric window wiper (only in 4x4 version)
F5 7.5 Electric rear-view mirror de-icing
F6 15 Consumer cut-out - Electric rear-view mirrors - Clock - Radio -Radio display - Navigation aid - Auto-regulated heating and ventilation - Tyre pressure detector- Electric aerial (E64)
F7 15 Horn
F8 5 Injection computer - Fan assembly relay - Diagnostic socket -Automatic gearbox computer - Instrument panel
F9 5 Rear fog light
F10 15 Front fog lights
F11 7.5 Left side lights
F12 10 Headlight washers
F13 7.5 Right-hand side lights
F14 - Not in use
F15 - Not in use
F16 5 ABS computer
F17 25 Passenger electric window winder
F18 15 Brake lights - Daytime running lights - Authorisation/inhibiting rear window winder control - Diagnostic socket - Instrument panel - Flashing warning lights on driving school control - + after ignition relay - Automatic gearbox performance/economy relay -Seatbelt and opening elements warning light - Heated windscreen relay
F19 15 UCH (+ after ignition reference and Screen wiper supply, park position and washer pump) - Reversing lights - Tyre pressure detector- Electric hood computer (E64)
F20 - Not in use
F21 - Not in use
F22 10 Left-hand main beam headlight
F23 - Not in use
F24 10 Right-hand main beam headlight
F25 20 Sunroof - Auto-regulated heating and ventilation
F26 10 Accessories sockets (2 sockets in 4x4)
F27 15 Heated seats
F28 20 Passenger compartment heating and ventilation system
F29 10 Left-hand dipped headlight
F30 15 Clock - Cigarette lighter - Daytime running lights function - Radio - Radio display - Navigation assistance
F31 10 Right-hand dipped headlight
F32 20 Engine cooling fan (Mercosur S. America)
F33 - Not in use
F 15 Indicators - Hazard lights
FB 5 Passenger compartment control unit supply
FC 20 Central door locking
FD 20 Windscreen wiper
FE 25 Driver's one-touch electric window riser (from equipment 2)
FF 30 Rear screen de-icer - De-icing rear-view mirrors

Passenger Compartment Relay Box

1996–2003 Renault Scenic - Location of Relay

This fuse box is located in the passenger compartment on the driver’s side.

No. Description
1 Relay + after ignition (sunroof and heated seats)
2 Electric rear windows authorisation
A Front fog lights
B Liquid petroleum gas fuel gauge
4X4 Version: Headlight washers
1996–2003 Renault Scenic - Location of Relay
No. Description
A Headlight washers
Mexico: Central door unlocking
B Daytime running lights code
Mexico: Central door locking
C Daytime running lights monitor
Mexico: Horn with alarm equipment
D Daytime running lights
Mexico: Not in use

Fuse box in engine compartment

1996–2003 Renault Scenic - Schematic of the Fuse Block

Fuses Specifications
No. A Description
F1 30 Fan and diesel heater
F2 30 Injection
F3 7.5 Air conditioning compressor
F4 3 Liquid petroleum gas
F5 7.5 Liquid petroleum gas
F6 7.5 Automatic gearbox computer - ignition
F7 7.5 Injection safety - diesel heater - air bag computer
F8 7.5 Liquid petroleum gas
F11 70 Pre-heating and thermoplunger
F12 - Not in use
F13 - Not in use
F14 40
Double speed fan and diesel heater
F15 - Not in use
F16 60 ABS computer
F17 - Not in use
F18 60 Heated windscreen
F19 40 Air conditioning fan assembly
F20 60 Dashboard supply
F21 60 Dashboard supply
F22 60 Dashboard supply
A Fuel pump
Diesel heater
B Injection locking
C Altimetric corrector
Thermoplunger no. 1
D Single speed fan assembly relay 100W-180W
Air conditioning compressor
F Automatic gearbox ignition
G Not in use
H Not in use
I Thermoplunger no. 2
J High speed fan assembly 340/550W
K Low speed fan assembly 340/550W
D9 Pilot diode Low Speed fan via air conditioning F8Q 790
D10 Free wheel air conditioning compressor

Location and description of fuses and relay Renault Scenic I with engine 1.4, 1.6, 1.9, 2.0 (1996, 1997, 1998, 1999, 2000, 2001, 2002, 2003)