Toyota ProAce Fuse Box Diagram

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Passenger Compartment Fuse Box

Toyota ProAce Fuse Box Diagram

No. A Protected components
F1 3 Full: Ignition switch, Push starter ADML
10 ECO: Photochromic interior mirror, Fuel additive pump, DAEH, Knurled wheel ASR+, CTC clutch
F2 3 Full: Steering wheel angle sensor
F3 3 Full: Instrumentation socket, Joystic Comelec
F4 7,5 Full: Instrumentation socket, Diagnostic socket, Brake dual-function switch, Centralized voltage maintenance device
15 ECO: Horn
F5 5 Full: Multifunction screen, Reversing camera, ECU's parking assistance
20 ECO: Screen wash pump front/rear
F6 15 Full: -
20 ECO: Screen wash pump front/rear
F7 10 Full: Audio amplifier, Rear BCC
10 ECO: Front 12V socket
F8 20 Rear windscreen wiper
F9 5 Interior lamp
F10 30 Front and rear external/ internal mass power engine locks + Fuel catch
F11 30 Front and rear internal/external locks engine supply Fuel catch
F12 3 Full: Alarm, APV alarm strain
7,5 ECO: CTC main stop, DMTC, Diagnostic socket
F13 3 Full: Module boiler control, Strain APV
10 ECO: Front mux, CRT, BCC, VTH, MCP
F14 15 Full: -
5 ECO: BTA, Alarm
F15 5 ECO: Diagnostic socket
F16 5 Full: -
3 ECO: Stop switch, DMTR
F17 10 Full: 12V current socket trunk or load area
F18 5 Full: Autonomous telematics box
ECO: Passenger compartment coolant circuit heater
F19 5 Full: Rastreador
F20 15 Full: Relay compartment fusebox 3
F21 3 Full: Nomadic lamp charging, card reader
ECO: Steering lock, Push DEM (ADML)
F22 3 Full: Glove compartment lighting, Card reader
F23 3 Full: Platinum mirrors control gate driver, Taxi, Parking assistance with blind spot monitoring
5 ECO: Seat belt not fastened warning light displays
F24 5 Full: Generic servitude case, Module de communication sous volant (CV00)
ECO: AAS, Rear camera
F25 5 Full: Projector corrector switch, Electrochromic rearview mirror
ECO: Air bag
F26 3 Full: Instrumentation sockets, Driver and passenger unfastened indicator display, Strain APV
F27 3 Full: Light rain sensor, Switch under the steering wheel
5 ECO: Heater control module
F28 10 Full: Front gear shift MCP- BCC, Front facade MUX, Audio- Head up display
5 ECO: Rastreador
F29 5 Full: Engine wiring housing (PSF1)
F30A 15 Full: Audio APV strain
F30B 15 Full: Audio APV strain
F31 5 Full: ECU's air bag
15 ECO: 2nd build audio system
F32 5 Full: Left and right sliding side door
15 ECO: Cigar lighter or 12V socket
F33 15 Full: Cigar lighter or 12V socket
F34 3 Full: Housing generic servitude
5 ECO: Taxi unit, AAS with SAM, rear view mirror adjusting, Transformer APC body
F35 5 Full: Combinated ECU
ECO: Headlamp height adjustment, BCP, coolant temperature level, Diagnostic socket
F36 20 Full: Audio
5 ECO: Glove box lighting, Reloads device, map-reading light
R1 Power + ACC
R2 Power + CAN
R3 Full: Rear screen wipe
ECO: Supply +APC
Full: Engine front and rear extriors/interiors locks
R4 ECO: Rear wiper relay
R5 ECO: Windscreen wash pump
R6 ECO: Rear screen wash pump
R7 ECO: Horn
ECO: Engine front and rear extriors/interiors locks

Passenger Compartment Fuse Box No.2

No. A Protected components
F1 40 Heated rear screen
F2 7,5 Full: Heated mirror
10 ECO: Heated mirror
F3 20 Full: 230V Current socket
30 ECO: Electric front windows
F4 15 Full: Folding rearview mirror
30 Full: Folding rearview mirror, Si 2 LVE
20 ECO: 12V socket, Kit APV 230V
F5 30 Full: -
F6 30 Full: Front electric window engine
10 ECO: Fold-back mirrors
F7 30 Full: Heated seat
10 ECO: Fold-back mirrors
F8 25 Full: Audio amplifier
40 ECO: -
F9 20 Full: Dual screen wipe AR
15 ECO: 12V plug RG2
F10 15 Full: 12V current socket
F11 5 Full: Trailer servitude generic case 7/13 tracks
20 Full: Trailer servitude generic case 7/13 tracks
ECO: Heated cover, Double rear screen wiper
F12 30 Full: Driver electrical seat
20 ECO: Heated seat or heated bench seat
F13 40 Full: -
F14 30 Full: Passenger electrical seat
F15 25 Full: -
F16 5 Full: -
F17 10 Full: -
F18 25 Full: -
F19 7,5 Full: -
F20 3 Full: ECU's parking assistance
F21 3 Full: Power left and right sliding side door
F22 20 Full: 12V current socket glove box, Kit APV 230V
F23 3 Full: Trailer servitude generic case
R1 Full: Right folding mirror
ECO: Rear screen + mirror demisting
R2 Full: Left folding mirror
ECO: Electric windows
R3 Full: Heated mirror and rear
ECO: Fold-back mirrors
R4 ECO: Fold-back mirrors
R5 ECO: Heated cover
R6 ECO: 12V socket
R7 ECO: Heated seat

Engine Compartment Fuse Box (ECO)

No. A Protected components
F1 40 Air conditioning blower
F10 15 Engine ECU
F11 20 Engine ECU
F12 5 Engine ECU, diagnostic socket, Fan unit, STT
F13 5 BSI
F14 5 Battery charge status unit
F15 20 BSG
F16 15 Front fog lamps
F17 5 Diagnostic relay, BFRM
F18 10 RH main beam
F19 10 LH main beam
F20 30 Engine ECU, booster pump (if EP6FDT)
F21 30 Starter motor
F22 40 LHD: Gearbox MCP, power steering electropump unit
30 RHD: Gearbox MCP, power steering electropump unit
F23 40 Centralised voltage maintaining system
F24 40 Passenger compartment fuse box (BFH5)
F25 40 Passenger compartment fuse box (BFH3)
F26 15 Gearbox MCP
F27 25 BSI
F28 30 Injector power supply SCR, NOx sensor
F29 40 Windscreen wiper
F3 80 Passenger compartment fuse box (BFH3)
F30 125 Power steering electropump unit
F31 80 Protection switching unit
F32 80 BFM4
F5 50 BSI
F6 60 2-speed cooling fan (GMV) control unit
F7 70 BSI
F8 15 Engine ECU (if DV6FUC or EP6FDT), booster pump (if DV6F or DW10F)
F9 15 Engine ECU
PR - Engine ECU
PU - Engine ECU
R1 SCR unit module power supply
R2 Heated windscreen wash jets
R3 Heat pre-conditioning service
R4 Front fog lamps
R5 Air conditioning blower
R6 Starter motor
R7 Windscreen wiper
R8 Windscreen wiper
R9 Main beam headlamps

No. A Protected components
MF1 80 Pre-post heating
MF2 20 BSG
MF3 20 Headlamp wash

Engine Compartment Fuse Box (Full)

No. A Protected components
F1 5 -
F5 5 -
F6 40 -
F8 30 Diesel Euro 6: Sensor NOX and SCR
F9 10 -
F10 5 -
F11 5 -
F12 15 Wiper, Manual gearbox, Ax6 III ECU
F13 20 Coolant and passenger compartment heater
F15 15 -
F16 15 -
F17 10 -
F18 5 Brake dual-function switch
F19 5 -
F1 15 Control of Centralised Power Switch relay 1032, Diesel injectors
F2 5 Control of cooling fan unit relay, Bike fan, unit
F3 5 Steering relays, Centralized voltage maintenance device, Reversible alternator
F4 5 Injector SCR
F5 15 Pump driven gavage
F6 20 Intake air flow meter, Solenoid Bypass interchange EGR
F7 10 Diesel pump solenoid flow control, Proportional solenoid TGV
F8 10 Water in diesel detector sensor Solenoid oil pump
F9 10 Electronic immobilizer
F10 5 -
F11 15 Steering protection switch housing 3, Micro projector engine correction, Fuel additive pump Sliding side power door
F12 5 Heating nozzle
F13 5 Rastreador DMTR
F14 25 Powerful pump mass Front and rear screen wash
F15 5 Calculating ARTIV, Diagnostic socket, Clutch switch, Coolant level sensor, Power steering computer
F16 20 Air conditioning pump group AR
F17 10 Built in system interface
F19 30 Front screen wipe
F20 15 Pump power, Front and rear screen wash
F21 20 Headlight washer pump
F22 15 Sonor alarm
F23 15 Right road lights
F24 15 Left road lights
F25 30 -
F26 - -
F27 5 -
F28 5 -
F29 30 Starter
F30 30 Diesel heater, Blow-by diesel heater
R1 Diesel engine ECU
R2 Driving BSM
R3 Driving BSM
R4 Engine ECU, Steering relay CPC (1032), Centralized voltage maintenance device, Reversible alternator, Engine blower
R5 Engine ECU, Additive pump FAP (DV6C-DV6D)
R6 Supply + APC
R7 Starter
R8 Front screen wipe
R10 Front and rear screen wash pump
R11 Headlamp wash pump
R12 Sonor alarm
R13 -
R14 Left road lights
R15 Right road lights
R16 -
R17 -

No. A Protected components
F1 80 Relay compartment fusebox 3
F2 70 Buil in system interface
F3 50 ESP ECU's
F4 20 Generic servitude case
F5 30 ESP ECU's
F8 125 Power steering electric pump
F9 125 Fuses servitude platinum
F10 60 Built-in system interface
F11 40 Relay compartment fusebox 5 trailer
F12 60 Relay compartment fusebox 3
F13 60 Relay compartment fusebox 2
F16 70 Pre -post heating box
F17 100 Maxi fusebox 4
F18 40 AR Additional air conditioning group
F19 30 Starter
40 Centralized voltage maintenance device
F20 40 Taxi Relay compartment fusebox 5
F21 20 Generic servitude case
F22 5 Battery charge case
F23 60 Control housing GMV
F24 40 Air conditioning kicker AV
F25 - -
F26 30 MCP or Ax6 III ECU's gearbox
F27 80 Protection switching box 3

No. A Protected components
F36 20 ECO: BSG
Full: Trailer servitude generic case / Caravan
10 Taxi: Taxi radio
F37 20 ECO: BSG
Full: Trailer servitude generic case / Caravan
5 Taxi: Taxi screen
F38 20 ECO: BSG
Full: Trailer servitude generic case / Caravan
5 Taxi: Taxi recorder
F39 5 Taxi: Taxi printer
F40 5 Taxi: Taxi time recorder requirements

Fuse Box Layout Toyota ProAce and Toyota ProAce Verso (2016, 2017, 2018)