1975-1978 Ford LTD and Mercury Marquis Fuse Box Diagram

09.10.2019 (US:10.09.19), Category: Country Squire / LTD / Brougham / Landau / Marquis / Colony Park / Grand Marquis

1975-1978 Ford LTD and Mercury Marquis Fuse Box Diagram

No. A Description
1 7.5 Indicator lights — engine hot, oil pressure, throttle positioner, dual brake, seat belt, parking brake, sure track system
2 15 Radio, power antenna
3 20 Windshield washer, heated backlite, relay coil feed, power window relay coil feed, police accessory relay coil feed, cornering lamps, intrusion alarm system, rear door cigar lighters, deck lid release, defogger, speed control system, sure-track system
4 8.25 Windshield wiper system
5 20 Circuit Breaker: Station wagon tailgate window
6 4 Instrument panel and cluster illumination, clock, radio, ash tray, headlight and windshield wiper switch, heater-air conditioner, ATC control
7 20 Back-up lights, turn signals, air conditioner clutch
8 15 Heater
30 Air conditioner
9 15 Courtesy lamps, instrument panel, door, dome, glove box, cargo (station wagon only), & luggage compartment lights, clock feed, door lock solenoid, key warning buzzer, seat back latch relay control, anti-theft system, lighted visor vanity
10 15 Hazard warning system and stop lights
11 15 Cigar Lighter


Circuit Breaker:

  • 18 Amp. — Located intergral with headlight switch; protects headlight circuits.
  • 15 Amp. — Located integral with headlight switch; protects parking lights, marker lights, license lights, tail lights, horns, trailer towing, tail light relay.
  • 20 Amp. — Located on starter relay; protects power windows, door locks, power seat, seat back latch solenoid feed.


  • 30 Amp. — Located in-line near relay; protects heated rear window.
  • 3 Amp. — Located in-line near fuse block; protects sure-track brake (Mercury only).

Fuse Link — Located in harness near fuse block; protects engine compartment light, heated rear window, trailer towing (brake), trailer towing lights load circuit.

Fuse Box Diagram Ford LTD, Brougham, Landau, Country Squire Ford Custom 500 and Mercury Marquis, Grand Marquis, Colony Park (1975, 1976, 1977, 1978)